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Marhyde's Fabric Color.  Greg said that the Plasticote vinyl/fabric spray smells the same so it *might* be the same stuff.  BTW the smell is strong but goes away in a couple of days.
Taking the seats out is a piece of cake.  14mm socket, two bolts behind, two bolts in front, unplug the headrest speaker cable and lift it out.  DON'T bang the car with the alignment spikes on the bottom!!!!
Run a quick mask of tape around the vinyl.
Masking tape some paper on the workbench.  Pull it off.
Mask off onto the tape already on the seat.  This whole process shouldn't take more than 10 minutes or so.
Ready for painting...err....coloring.  Spray even strokes 12" away.  On mine the paint dried to touch within a short time.  I put the seats in the car in an hour.  I didn't get in until the next color got on me at all. 
The left one is done the right one isn't.  The flash actually made the left one lighter than it is is real life.  It really is back in black. . . duh, duh , duh,  dah, dah, dah, dee-da, dee-da, dee . . . .  If you don't know what that last sentence means, you are either too young or too old! ;-P