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This company sponsored me with a set of  conversion assemblies and euro-spec bulbs!   I told them I would take them as long as I could call-them-as-I-see-them on the install and they agreed.  As it turns out, they are just plain great!  The install is one of the easiest I have done...about 20 minutes or so.  I don't know the prices, go to their website and if you email them, tell them Hakuna sent you, please.  

There are only four Phillips screws that hold one the plastic shield.
It does take a little pull to pop the cover free.
Here's the headlight assembly with the plastic cover removed. 
Do NOT remove the silver colored screws.  These are for adjusting the headlights and you don't want to mess with them!   Just LOOSEN the black ones hold the retaining ring around the bulb.
Here's the bottom one.  There are three altogether.
Rotate the retaining ring and it just lifts right off and the headlight assembly is free.
I received two different sets of bulbs.  The Blue/Gold and the Xenon Charged.  Oddly enough the yellow looking bulbs are the Blue-Gold with very blue light and the blue looking ones are the Xenon Charged with a bright white light.  Do NOT touch the bulbs with your fingers!
Putting the bulbs in is simple.  Just press the wires together and lift.
Touching the base of the bulb ONLY you can remove it.  Getting finger oil on a halogen bulb is a killer for the bulb.
Here is the one weakness of the kit.  The standoffs are not quite tall enough, at least on my 91.  Luckily it's easy to work around the problem.
The standoffs set in these recesses in the housing.
I used some thermal insulation tape because it was laying around, but piece of duct tape would work fine.  This area is invisible, so don't worry about looks, just build up enough thickness so that the light doesn't wobble when the retaining ring is installed.
Here's a shot of the assembly ready to go back together.  Maybe somebody should clean in there...hmm...  ;-P
Now's a good time to clean up those covers before reinstalling them.
The Blue/Gold bulbs are much brighter than this pic shows (I used flash) but this shows that they are BLUE.   I mean BLUE!  If you are looking for distinctly blue colored lights than these fit the bill. They are also quite a bit brighter than stock.
The Xenon-Charged are WHITE.  I mean WHITE! These things are awesome.  I can't believe how yellow and dingy my stock bulbs were.  I can see!  I can see!   Even better I haven't had anyone flash me as if I have highbeams on, so they must not be bothering anyone.  Very nice.   I'd buy these if I were you.  From the very nice people that sponsored me a set at   This shameless plug will be inserted for anyone that sponsors Hakuna! (Well if I like it anyhow...I can't be bought...well...maybe with a set of leather seat covers I can be bought...hehe.)