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Oil Pan Drilling
If you need to drill an oil return line for your turbo install, take a TRIPLE look at these pictures if you haven't seen the inside of your oil pan.

Here's where I drilled my original hole.  You can see the process in the Turbo Install section.  Basically I got lucky and didn't go deep or I would have hit the pan.  Also, drilling high gave me trouble inserting the fitting.  Note the bent baffle from where the drill bit hit it.
Here you can see the distance of the pickup tube from the bottom of the pan.  That's why you DO NOT drill low and far back on the pan.
Here I rotated the pan so you can get the full idea of where the original hole went.
5 minutes with a TIG welder and the old hole is gone!  I redrilled and tapped further forward and lower.  STILL be careful of not going too deep.  Use plenty of air pressure, a well greased bit and take your time.  You'll be okay now that you can see what you are avoiding in there.
Here's a view of the new drain from the inside.  Good luck to you!