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Polished/Shaved Lenses
This is one of the most popular areas of my site.  And it SHOULD be!   Get out there and get rid of that ugly raised lettering ASAP.

This is what I don't like. Ugly raised lettering.
Here's why. The letters always pick up crud. You have to use a toothbrush to detail it out.
The letters on the turn indicators are not so visible, but why not do them too?
I used 400 grit and wet sanded. Take your time and don't press too hard. Keep it wet and the letters will come off in a couple of minutes.
For the process I just used a bucket and dipped frequently.
The letters come right off. Don't worry abou the frosting...we'll take care of that soon.
These blocks are great. They only cost a couple of bucks at an auto refinishing supply.
See the letters coming off? You CAN do all 9 lenses in an hour.
I used 2000 grit to get the 400 grit scratches out.
Ok, you could skip this step, but I have a buffing wheel and some plastic compound to buff the lenses. DON'T use too many RPM or you'll have to sand out the burns in the plastic! If you don't have this stuff, just use Plastic Cleaner and Polish and hand rub.
Here's what it looks like if you buff. See the clear buffed sections on the right?
I then used Meguiars Plastic Cleaner to rub the lens out quickly. If you skip the buffer it won't be so quickly...
Follow the Plastic Cleaner with Meguiar's Plastic Polish. Just a few seconds does it!
Hey, looks much better.
Sooo nice!
The is the "before" shot...ugly! You sand these ON the car. Just be careful not to hit your paint
Here's the after (ok I cheated . . . it's the other lens). It's a striking difference really for such a small detail.