Euronet '96

by Allan Elegeert (


Photos by Patricia, my Girlfriend, during Frank Mom's Euronet drive on October 6th 1996.

Euronet :

The biggest gathering of Euro miatanetters ever. On this occasion we were joined by Skip Cannon.The Colorado Grizzly delighted a lot of us by bringing over his brand new Canon rear subfrmae brace. From left to right : Frank Brochoven (Belgium) Allan Elegeert (Belgium), Frank Mom (Holland) Nico Van Steen (Holland) and Werner Cassel (Germany). In front : Skip Cannon

Ferry :

Among the delights of the day was crossing small streams with these open Dutch ferries. Each ferry only held about 6 cars. The car with the chrome stylebar is Allan's Little Red Rooster, the Black car with the orange stripes is Frank's Bibi and way down front, right you can see Werner's Brua. The ride was smooth and happily very short.

Werner :

In order to get on the ferry you had to drice down a small wooden slope. The angle was just too steep for Werner's Miata. Thanx to his lowering springs his front airdam scraped the ground. Much to our amusement Werner had no option than to drive backwards to get on the ferry. Lucky for him his wife Petra prooved a good navigator. Never seen Werner sweat so much

Frank Mom and Nico van Steen were captured by Skip Cannon. Sadly, Skip didn't have a scanner for the original. So he used his trusty digital camera to take a photo of a snapshot. Not bad, considering.