It's a Girl's Car!

by Gilbert Fallarme


Ok, how many guys out there own a Miata? Come on, raise your hands. Don't be shy. If you are a guy who does own one, would you admit to this in public? Hopefully you would and for the rest who wouldn't, here's an explanation that might explain why.......IT'S A GIRL'S CAR!!

I've had it! I'm sick and tired of people dissin' my car because it happens to be a favorite among the female species (I don't know the exact ratio of male to female owners). Who cares if a lot of women drive this car, I don't blame them. I also see a lot of women drive Jeep Wranglers / Renegades but you won't hear anybody calling it a girl's car. Most people who told me that my car is a girl's car are owners of big domestic coupes who are probably jealous of the fact that their car is mediocre at best compared to my Miata. I had a female friend who asked me what car I drive and as soon as I told her, responded with "Why?" I can't tell you how angry I got only to find out later that she drives a Honda Accord. Now the Honda Accord might be a popular car but it's not a Miata.

There was another time when female acquaintance called my car a girl's car and I don't even know her that well! I guess that was the last straw. I've been thinking of some comeback comment to these people who are obviously clueless as to the Miata and what it does to us....

When somebody tells you you're car is a girl's car, here's what I would say:

1) "My car is a lot better than that piece of junk that you're driving!" (and if they say they drive a camaro, mustang, just say "Like I said, my car is a lot better than that piece of junk you're driving")

2) "Don't even talk to me unless your car can do 0-60 in 6 seconds"

3) "At least I paid for my car and not Mommy and Daddy"

4) "A girl's car? How would you like to race against a 'girls car'?------(If their car is an econobox or even a normally aspirated mustang, I got them beat, I just installed a Sebring Supercharger, he he)

These are all I have for now but feel free to add to it. I know that some or all of these might be offensive to some folks and I apologize in advance, I didn't intend to offend anyone. I did a lot of modifications to my car myself and I take pride in showing it off.

Modifications include a Sebring Supercharger, Body kit #7 from Motorsports Inc., 17 inch Kosei Seneca S5R wheels with 205/40-17 in front and 215/40-17 rear, Centerforce Dual Friction clutch, etc......

So in closing, girl's car or guy's car, THIS CAR is a lot better than that piece of junk you're driving!

Gilbert Fallarme

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23 June, 1998