The Gold Rush '96 Banquet

Get your tickets here!!! Noelle, of SAMOA was happy to sell you more raffle tickets than you ever had any intention to buy… It was for a good cause though, as the money went to a local charity.

A major part of the Canajun Invasion force… Dave Dale (left) and Sean Archer, both of the Canadian Rockies Chapter in Calgary, Alberta Canada

Gary Fischman (Del Val and and Jeannie Hobbs (BAMA) enjoying a fine meal and good company.

Sam and Carol Sharp. (Sam is grinning because he drove Bill Cardell's Turbo Miata to Gold Rush at Bill's request. We feel that surgery may be the only way to remove the smile…)

Jack Scown, Barbara Beach, and Norman Garrett III

The Master of Ceremonies was SAMOA President Dave DeNuzzo

Bob Crawford (napping) and his son, Jackson

Mazda Vice President Tom Matano, and Gold Rush Chairman Bonnie Lutz

Tom Matano, addressing Miataphiles

"Miata Universe" author Jay Lamm discusses the incontinence of British sports cars…

Phil Wolfson, Jay Lamm, and Mike of Moss Motors.

Norm Garrett, President of the Miata Club of America, talking about the growth

Bonnie Lutz receives a bottle of Miata wine from the MCA's Barbara Beach

The Miata Tabernacle Choir

Popular Miata recording artist Tom Matano, and others

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