Artwork by: Rebecca Zook

Miata Games '96

3-6 October 1996
By: Bonnie J. Lutz

Miatas at the trackThe Miatas gathered bright and EARLY on Friday morning at the track at Road Atlanta. The fact that it was bright was a surprise... It had rained for two days straight prior to the event! They said Atlanta would be cool in October...

Anybody know these people? I don't! But it looks like they're having a good time watching the Miatas race around.

The vendors set up on Friday and rapidly filled the parking area. Poor Julie the vendor coordinator was overheard to ask, "Why did they all have to show up at once?!"

You can see them start to gather. Here they are at the Dealer Alternative booth. Bill's already got Miatas up on jacks!

Here's my mobile T-shirt shop! Mary Riley let me borrow her Red Miata. Thanks Mary!

Another shot of the Dealer Alternative. Luv that bear!

Vince Tidwell and Gary bundle up against the cold on Saturday morning. The newscast said it was 28 degrees out! Brrr...

My hero! Tom Matano, and his latest creation.

All around fantastic, super, great guy - "Dunlop" Dave Shelton!

Can you guess which is me? I'm standing with Jim Goodroe from Downing Atlanta, and Mike Harris from Mazda. Like my sweatshirt?

That's Terri and Bill Cardell from Dealer Alternative. I had dinner with them on their anniversary! Real nice people. By the way, Bill is the one with the Oreo in his face.

My doofus friend DeNutso and Reverend Jim Massie. Two redheads.

Hey! Mary Riley, event coordinator, in the Miata she let me borrow. Thanks again Mary!

That's my bud, Rob Young from the Ohio Buckeye chapter, in front of Ernie Frankl from CAMS. Nice face Rob! :)

Can you believe that Leigh-the-hyphen-lady let Doofus work on her car! I think I'll send Leigh a calling card for Christmas.

Well, here they are. Candy, Norm, and the six little ones! Meet the Garrett family. This is just one of the many pics I took of the MCA founder and his brood. What neat kids!

Have you met the Mooata? It even has a horn that goes... Mooooo!

Sunday took us downtown for brunch. The Coke World was across the parking lot.

Brunch and closing ceremonies were held in an old train depot. The MARTA trains are still running on the tracks behind the building and several went by outside our windows!

Well, that's it! Enjoy!