Miatas at the Ranch


The Quest for More Butter from Silicon Valley

On the last weekend in June, 1997, a couple hundred Miatas descended on a picturesque thoroughbred horse farm near Solvang, California.

Jaime Villacorte also has a Ranch pictorial.

Its also covered in the San Diego club newsletter.

We just had to drive through Topanga Canyon on the way in!

Fred Aikins from the Mazda Information Bureau.

We really got a bit tired of barbecue.

The Miata.net MFWIC and the High Priestess, Jeannie Hobbs.

Larry Ogden and his son, Julien, came from New Zealand!

Friday evening featured a grass funkhanna. Its amazing what people will do with their Miata!

Moss Motors' finest duet, Robert Goldman and Mike Chaput.

Barbara Beach acting like, well, Barbara Beach.

JT Bob gears up for a losing proposition.

Like we said, too much barbecue.

Reverend Jim, a fixture at these events, is checking himself out in the digital camera.

Tony Beecher always has a stash of good wine.

Dunlop Dave Shelton and his wife, Judy.

The head honcho of Team Voodoo, Voodoo Bob Krueger.

Petra van den Berge guides Reverend Jim around with a paper bag over his head. We think he had divine intervention.

They weren't kidding when they said "The Ranch". Flag is up Farm is a working thoroughbred breeding ranch.

Petra is from Holland. She's accustomed to the cold. Unlike Cindy from San Diego...

There were really some exceptional views from the farm.

Amy Young's hubby was off doing the TSD rally, so she had some tim to tour the farm.

The local airstrip was the scene for the Autocross as well as Dunlop Dave's Driving school.

But I just went for the food. Barbecue, of course.

I was starting to think Jaime Villacorte and fiance Jeanne Pandes were fictional.

But it turns out they're for real. And a great couple as well!

Saturday afternoon was fun run time for a few of us who didn't get there on time Friday. Here we are in front of the grapevines at Fess Parker's joint.

Yow! The Miata.net crew is getting bigger at each event! We used to be able to fit in front of a car, now we can't even fit in front of a tent!

Dave Thomas and I are just hanging out with Butch, wishing for something besides Barbecue.

Well, we found some different food over at Baker's Square where the entire San Diego Miata Club and about half the attendees who ditched the Ranch due to the overly loud band descended to celebrate Mark Booth's wife's birthday!

Sort of looks like a halo over his head, doesn't it? Yeah, sure!

The High Priestess couldn't rap my knuckles from this angle!

Heck, even Tom Matano and Mark Jordan showed up for pie!

Reverend Jim and Dave Thomas (no, not the founder of Wendy's, the Chairman of the '98 Miata National event!)

Madalene Bruun decided to drive Ed Avol back to the LA Airport (130 miles to the south) even though she was going to San Francisco! (About 6 hours to the north!)

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