SAS Bazooka Tubes

[6/26/2000] Reviewed by Gil Mikalian -

Applicable to '99 +

The RS8S-HP is the new line of Bazooka Powered (amplified) Subwoofers using the "reference series" componentry (in this case an 8" woofer) mated to a 150 watt rms amp. The whole thing is about two inches longer than a non-powered bazooka making installation in the trunk a snap. I lost a little bit of trunk room but I think I still have enough room to fit my gym bag & briefcase so it's all good. I also purchased the remote module. In the case of the RS series, this includes a gain control and an adjustable 18db/oct crossover, variable from 50-120hz. The EL series uses a weaker amp and the remote only has a gain dial on it so I opted for the RS for the above mentioned reasons. The instructions are very good as are the enclosed wiring/mounting hardware. I purchased the tube and the remote for a total of $300 including shipping from woofers etc.

The install was very simple. You just run the rear speaker outs from the headunit to the rear. Look in the forum section, I've identified which of the unused connectors in the back of the stock cd player are the rear speaker outs. Run the wire for the remote (I installed mine in the storage cubby under the cd player) from the front to the back. Hook up the battery lead and the ground and you're good to go.

Now for the sound. I must say, although I expected more volume, I'm fairly happy with the outcome. Considering that it's in the trunk, the sound is good (but not fantastic). The tube is able to reproduce fairly tight bass. I find that I use the crossover feature more than the gain so the tube isn't trying to reproduce vocals. If you're looking for "rattle the neighbors' windows" bass, don't get this product. If you're looking to add some low end to a painfully inadequate stereo system, I think the investment will be worth it.

This application was done on a stock stereo system (i.e. non-Bose) on a '99 Miata (radio model 4M32). From what I understand, the same install will work on the 1M32 cd player but wouldn't want to even hazard a guess if it will work on the Bose systems.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[10/23/99] Reviewed by: Sean Monaghan -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

SAS Bazooka 5" subwoofer tubes

I bought 2 of the bazooka tubes (they come as a pair) from GSI. The delivery was prompt, but I did have a problem with one of the tubes when installed. However, GSI's help was great and they swapped it with no problem. When I got them in (following the install found on the net) they do fit. I have an MTX 280 amp powering them, and they sound good, but not great. To many of my friends, it sounds fine, but if you are a true audiophile and expect perfection, this is not what you want. You get best results from rock, but rap and dance music tend to rattle the tubes too much. They only handle 50 watts max. Overall, a cheap way to bass and sound, but not a bass solution. I'm still looking for a good solution other than the 700 dollar JL Audio Stealthbox...

Reviewed by: Brandon McComber -

A black tube that comes in various sizes, and optional amp built in. Has a subwoofer inside. (duh)

Easy to install, if you have an amp in the trunk. All you have to do is set the tube in the trunk, which seems to fit perfectly under the little outcropping for the lock catch. Takes up a good amount of space, but provides good, clean bass. (that can also be quite loud if you are so inclined)

Takes up even more of the precious trunk space, and has me wondering if moving the spare would leave room to set it up on the vacated ledge. This is the only clean bass I could find that was not overly expensive, and would actually fit in the trunk. Recommended, if you don't mind losing more trunk space.

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Under 5 minutes to remove

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