DIN Install Kit with Pocket from Crutchfield & Wiring Harness

Reviewed by: Andrew Braverman - abraverm@longhill.org  [7/29/99]

Kit to install standard DIN sized stereo in stock opening in Miata, including space for a 1/2 DIN EQ and a pocket.

I installed this product myself when I installed my Sony CDX-C780 CD player head unit in my 1994 A Package Miata. I had previously ordered the radio from Crutchfield for my older car, and ordered this kit when I bought the Miata. They originally sent me the appropriate wiring harness but a metal DIN bracket with no pocket. This did not look good to me, so I called and asked for the plastic unit with the pocket.

Installation was a bit tricky because the kit had to be modified (per excellent instructions) for this vehicle. Once together and successfully installed, the unit made the stereo look almost stock, and provided the "pocket" that I would have lost with the metal unit.

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