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[8/12/2002] Reviewed by: Chris -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

Right now I'm gonna be taking to you about some mid-bass drivers only, Image Dynamics IDQ6's. These are pretty impressive looking drivers, they look like miniature subwoofers. A little on the heavy side too, compared with most components their size. Unlike many speaker systems installed into, lets say, miata's, these operate the best in a small sealed enclosure. And that's the toughest part. The IDQ6's are too large to thrown on the ground is a set of kick panels, We'll I mean you prolly could but you would loose precious foot space. So I decide to build an enclosure in my door.

Talk about hard, the '93 miata atleast have part of there door hinge mechanism directly behind the speaker, leaving little mounting depth. In the passenger door, I constructed a fiberglass enclosure, in the driver side door I pieced together 1/2" mdf, like a puzzle to get the enclosed volume. Neither of them are air-tight yet, but boy, these speaker really hit. The sound is also very tight, clear, and accurate to low frequencies. I've never heard any of image dynamics stuff until I installed them in my own car. Yet, I've done the research and I think these are the way to go.

There are several problems with the speaker install itself that I want to point out: 1- the door hinge mechanism requires the IDQ6's to be bumped out a little bit. In doing so, the stock grill don't fit on, and custom ones need to be made. 2-Also if you do install these, they really should be put into a small sealed enclosure - very difficult to do - but not impossible. The sound you get out of them is incredible. 3 - the third issue is that these guys suck up a lot of power, 150 W rms. That's serious power to 6" drivers. By the way, I'm running these in conjunction with CDT tweeters. I prolly didn't say everything that I wanted to. But it should be clear that I love these speakers, and I would do it again regardless of the amount of work the install took. If you have any questions/ comments, feel free to drop me a line at later

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