Infinity Basslink Amplified Subwoofer

[8/6/2002] Reviewed by: Don Prather -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

10" subwoofer and 10" passive radiator, combined with a 250 watt amplifier in a single package.

Took about 2 hours to install. I had previously installed a set of Lanzar coax speakers in the foors and wanted more bass response, especially wth the top down. I found the Basslink for $239 on eBay (it retails for $499). The hardest part of the installation was tapping into the speaker outputs. I tapped into the front speaker outputs and ran the signal under the center console and through the tunnel on the driver's side back to the trunk. The subwoofer accepts speaker level inputs and even includes an auto turn-on feature when using speaker-level inputs so you do not need to run a separate remote turn-on lead. The battery in the M2 is located in the trunk so running power and ground wires was also very easy. The Basslink includes a wired level control that I mounted in the space right under the stereo. Overall, I was surprised with how easy it was to install. It also fits like a glove in the trunk of the M2 and leaves plenty of space for your small carryables.

As expected with any convertible, the bass response is much better with the top up. With the top up, the bass is tight and deep, puting out a nice kick when a bass drum hits. This product will NOT make your car a ground-pounding bass machine but it will provide plenty of bass for moderate listening levels. For a single 10" woofer at 250 watts, I am happy with the sound of the unit. With the top down and the car at rest, the bass response is still quite good. The bass is usable up to about 35-40 MPH before the rushing of the wind and the sound of the traffic starts to drown it out. I would guess, though, that it would take at least 2 subwoofers and a good 500+ watts of amp power to make any meaningful diference at cruising speed. This car is made for cruising, let's not forget. Good Quality. Definitely a RECOMMENDATION.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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