Jeff Anderson's Mega-Frequency Headrest Speakers

[7/15/2000] Reviewed by John Irby -

Applicable to '90 - '97

A set of 4 - 3.5 inch speakers designed for retrofitting the factory Miata head rest speakers.

Installed in place of factory 2.5 x4 inch head rest speakers. $70 for set of 4 from Performance Buyers Club - they arrived quickly and in good condition. Easily pressed into factory cutouts in the foam - no need for screws. The hardest part of the installation was removal of the factory speakers and adding lugs to the factory wiring harness.

These little 3.5 inch speakers sound good - more volume - better mid-range and highs. It takes a bit of adjustment to get things equalized and balanced with the front speakers, but the results pay off with a pleasing hi-fi sound - even with the top down.

If you are looking to upgrade your Miata's stereo system - this is a great place to start.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Steve Chambers -

Jeff Anderson has done it again. At MADS Spring '99 I had the opportunity to hear a demo of Jeff's latest venture, replacement headrest speakers for Miata models with the factory plastic box headrest speakers. He explained that they easily press fit in the seat's foam because they are only 3-inch speakers.

The demo started in the passenger seat to hear the stock speakers for comparative purposes. Then I sat in the driver's seat with the new speakers. They are full range speakers with clear highs and solid mids, but the real kicker is THEY HAVE LOTS OF BASS. You could feel the bass in the back of the seat. More bass than the Clearwaters...more bass than the Kappas. Not only are these the best headrest speakers that I have ever heard, they are one of the least expensive of the bunch. Look for them at Performance Buyers Club, they retail for $60 for the 4 speaker set, or $90 for the complete kit with a harness. I'm first in line to get my ears on these. (You should also consider getting Jeff's radio modification which boosts your headrest amplifier's frequency range too, without that, or a good aftermarket replacement for the early Miata radio, Jeff said you can't get this good sound from these speakers, you can contact Jeff directly at

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