Mazda CD Player & Changer

OEM M2 6-disc CD Changer

[8/20/99] Reviewed by: John Pellegrino -

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

This is Mazda part number L046 79 DG0 US (both 0's are zeros) that was originally made available for the MPV, Protege, and 323. For some reason Mazda U.S. is not actively interested in selling it for the M2, although they have mentioned it in press materials. Mazda Canada is selling it as a dealer-installed option, however, and I first learned of its availability by reading a Canadian Miataphile's posting to the Miata Mailing List. The U.S. list price is $499, although I bought mine by mail from a Calgary Mazda dealer. Even including freight and customs duty, the favorable rate of exchange brought my total to only about $400.

The installation was quite easy--you simply run the single connector cable between the dash and the trunk--which is good, because the instructions do not apply to the M2. Contrary to what you might expect, the connection cable plugs into the optional cassette player, not the standard (or Bose) AM/FM/CD in-dash unit. Consequently you must have the cassette player to add the CD changer. I connected the cable to the cassette player, ran the cable under the center console, and through a gap in the bulkhead behind the driver's seat. According to Mazda Canada there is no "official" mounting location for the changer. I installed it on the "frame rail" between the spare tire well and the plastic bucket.

When trying to find a mounting spot, I first despaired at the trunk space it will use up, but now that it is screwed down, I do not find its intrusion objectionable. The overall quality of the unit is not up to Sony/Kenwood/etc. standards, and I do not expect it to last the life of the car. But it is terrific to have a trunkful of Debussy, Wagner, and Puccini, and being able to change discs by simply pushing the previously unused "DISC" button on the head unit.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Mazda In-Dash CD Player

Reviewed by: Roger Ransom - TEKKIES@CYBERSOL.COM

This CD Player is for the AM/FM cassette player which came stock in the 1996 Miata which has CD control buttons along the bottom of the unit. The CD player itself only has one button.

The instructions for this unit are a little sketchy. It was necessary to move the radio down to the bottom position on the dash so the CD's can be inserted with the shifter in the forward position. The instructions call for a special tool to remove the radio but we made something out of heave wire after practicing with the new player while it was out of the car.

I don't really understand the instruction for removing the little storage tray but after tugging on it a little it just popped out.

After that it was just a matter of plugging things in (they only can go one way) and snapping the two units back in the dash board and putting the trim covers back on.

This unit works very well and seems quite resistant to skipping unless you hit something grossly hard. It's quite easy to install and looks nice and neat.

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