Moss Cassette Holder

[12/1/2000] Reviewed by: Fred Staffieri - 

The Moss Cassette Holder. It holds four tapes in a section below the radio that held nothing more than a pair of sun glasses. Great design, well made, has an indicator on each drawer to inform you if it's empty or full and good looking.

I have a 95 Miata. I ordered from Moss catalog, Issue 1, 2000, page 36, a Cassette Holder in Dash 90-94, part # 900-725. When ordering I questioned if that model would fit my 95 and the answer was "yes". It even says so on the web that 900-725 is for the 94-97 Miatas

One problem, it did not fit my 95 Miata without a lot restructuring. Much more than what should be required. I did install it but I had to cut off 1/8 of an inch on the bottom and some of the stiffeners. Redesigned and made two new anchors to hold it in place.

Don't make the same mistake. The answer is probably the model radio in your car. Looking closer, the radio in the ad is not the same radio I have. I can't answer why Moss doesn't know that there are two types of radios, one will fit and one won't fit their Cassette Tape Holder. I did inform them of the problems but the same ad appeared in their next issue.

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