MTX Audio Thunder Amplifier

[4/23/2001] Reviewed by Kevin Fein -

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 +

MTX Audio Thunder4202 2-Channel Amplifier, a 100 w x 2 amp with high and low level inputs. Installed in my 1999 M2.

The amplifier mates well with my speakers, a pair of KICKER Resolution" Matched Component System RS6. It appears to provide ample power, no amplifier distortion or clipping at ear-busting volume.

I am glad I bought enough watts to go with the speakers. Don't cheap out and go with a 30w system, you will lose the tighness of the bass especially with performance component systems.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

MTX 250X amplifier

Reviewed by: Brian Johnson -

The MTX 250X amplifier fits *perfectly* into the spare tire, when the proper "amp rack" is made. Produces incredible sound, that is easily "tweekable" due to the easy to operate (without screwdrivers) crossover.

I first built a circle out of wood that fit really well into the spare tire. Once the circle was carpeted it fit *perfect*. I then got the amp, and mounted it on to the wood, and did the normal wiring of the amp. I built another round piece of wood a bit larger than the first, cut off on end a bit (about 4") then cut out the shape of the amp. I carpeted this, added some feet to the bottom of it, and all that is visible is the top of the amp. Everybody that has seen it has said something to the effect of "Wow! How much did that cost you? Where did you get it done at" My response is simply I did it in my garage on Saturday. Because the amp is mounted on the wood, there is no drilling into the floor of the trunk, or any wasted usable space. It can be easily removed without any indication it had ever been there, except the wires.

Easy to do at home.

Overall cost:

amp $200 from Distinctive Car Audio in Phili.
carpet (about) $14.00 but there was plenty left over for other applications. wood $10 Dont go real cheap, dont want any warping, then it doesnt fit well into the tire. I am completely happy with this install, and I hope to have some pictures up sometime of them. If there are any questions email me at:

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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