Noise Killer "grey" spray on sound proofer

Reviewed by: Howard Chu -

Paint-like spray on coating which is supposed to dampen sound.

My experience was similar to Robert's - I ordered 5 cans from MCM Electronics; planning to use one each on my doors and 3 more for the rear. One can was DOA, and I haven't tried the remaining two yet. It's hard to tell if there has been any improvement, and it's now been a week since "installation" so it should be fully cured by now.

I don't know what to make of it just yet. It seems to have made no real difference.

Reviewed by: Robert Allen -

Rubber coating, in a spray can, which you spray on in layers to build up a 1/8 - 3/16" thick sound damping layer, to reduce road noise or improve stereo audio signal-to-noise ratio.

Pretty sad. I bought this from Crutchfield. One can should have been enough for both doors but I bought two just in case. The cans were both defective from the manufacturer: the nipples on the caps weren't long enough to activate the can valve. I created some stopgap extenders, but these jammed every few minutes. I eventually got all of 1 can and 2/3 of the second into the two doors, but I still have a lot less than the recommended thickness.

I wouldn't buy this stuff again. Even if the cans had worked the stuff (which goes on sort of like a spackle finish) doesn't seem to bulk up enough to reliably get the recommended thickness.

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