Orion XTR 6 1/2 inch component speakers

[8/17/2000] Reviewed by Keye M Chang - wushu_nut@yahoo.com

Applicable to '90 - '97

These are Orion's XTR line of speakers to replace the factory door speakers. 6 1/2 inch woofer, seperate tweeters, and crossover.

Looked at alot of different speakers out on the Market and compared MB Quarts, the Polk/Momo lines, and some other higher-end speakers. Liked the mid-bass of the quarts but I thought the tweeters were too bright for my taste. I then saw the Polk/Momo line and fell in love. Great looking speaker, and I thought great sound too. Really expensive. Almost plunked down the money for it till I went and heard the Orion's. The store owner first showed me Orion's top of the line HCCA's and my jaw dropped. Unbeleivable sound and had the exact mix of mid-bass and highs I was looking for. Tweeters were bright but not excessively so. My jaw then dropped again. The price...$900! No thanks. I then listened to the XTR's that cost about a third of the price and once again I was very very impressed. Sure..not as cool looking as the Polk/Momo's but they sounded much better and they were cheaper too! Only real difference between the HCCA's and the XTR's is the crossover. Would recommend to anyone.

I didn't do the install myself. Becuase they are components the installer had to cut holes in my door panel for the tweeters. We mounted high..just under the window sill. There is a steel beam there so the installer was unable to flush mount it. You will have to move the tweeters down if you want to do that.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

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