OZ Audio 4" Speakers

Reviewed by: Dave Elgie - selgie@odyssey.on.ca

4" Midrange speakers that fit in the headrests.

I searched around for suitable headrest speakers for my '91 Mariner. I found the Clearwaters a little tinny for my liking and found these OZ speakers at a local stereo shop. I know nothing about the company and was very skeptical. It turns out I love the sound. They give a bit of bass vibration in the seats which was a nice plus. The only thing I found is that they are deeper than the Clearwaters. The headrest is now a little further out than stock. I find it actually supports my head better. If I was any taller they would rub against my back, which would be annoying.

Excellant little speakers that give a full sound for the size. I am very happy with the resulting sound.

Under 5 minutes to remove

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