Rockford Fosgate RFX 8120 CD w'remote

[9/18/99] Reviewed by: Philip Miller -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

AM/FM in dash single CD player with remote

My experience with this (not being my first head unit installation in a miata) went very smoothly :) of course just like the rest of the world those darn eyeball vents were a bit of a pain, but after snapping my favorite pair of thick handled tweezers (yes tweezers) and using that as a prying force and some high tensile twine, i popped them out with no noticable physicle damage!! (all the scratches were inside the vent) the rest was easy, i used a generic wire harness adaptor capable of pushing 500W, and to take up the extra space in dash, a great little plastic facia(even the crinkles match the rest of the plastic!!)found at the wiz (i get a corporate discount so thats where i bought everything) the cd player works great, i CANT MAKE IT SKIP! and most importantly, it plays my cdr's! :) Next big audio upgrade, In dash MP3!!!

I also plan to go clearwater everyhting except amp, if they will give me a wiring diagram so i can cut off that stupid wiring harness of theres........i LOVE clearwater, but i hate the amp...wayyy too underpowered for there sub woofer... eh go figure right ;oP

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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