Sony Speakers

Sony Speakers xs-v1650G

[12/23/99] Reviewed by: Merwan Chehab -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Sony 6 1/2" full range speakers. Model # XS-1650G.

I just installed these two speakers in my 90 miata. All I can say is that I got bass back in the car. In my previous car I had a 12" Cerwin Vega. Although the Sony's do not compare to that amount of bass that the Cerwin Vega put out, the bass is very nice and deep. The actually fell the bass even with the top down. The overall sound is also great. Highs are very nice. I am running 80 watts to each speaker. Overall I think these are great speakers. Well worth the money. In addition, they are lite. The basket is made out of aluminum.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Sony XS-33 3.5" Speakers

Reviewed by: Eric Itakura -

3.5" 2-way speakers for use in headrest

The speakers fit just fine in my '95 Leather Package. They aren't terribly deep and are totally flat on the front, so there's no bulging going on.

I compared these against the Pioneer TS-879's and a Blaupaunt model. All had a DIFFERENT sound, and I couldn't decide between the Pioneers and the Sonys. In the store, the Pioneers seemed to handle the D-bass#3 setting better than the Sonys, which didn't quite seem to be able to handle that much base (D-bass#2 setting was fine).

I ended up going with the Sony's anyway, as I thought the treble was a bit clearer and they were $10 cheaper a pair (I paid $39.99 for one pair).

I'm very satisfied with the sound and price. I'm sure Infinity kappas would sound clearer and have better bass response, but I'm using the HR speakers more to fill in sound.

All in all a good deal. I would definitely do it again. (By the way, I saw these advertised for $29.99 through mail order. . . good bang for your buck).

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14 January, 2000