Reviewed by: Mark Brandt - mbrandt@gtdev.com

S-0-S drops the radio volume level at speeds under ~ 30 mph, minimizing the need to adjust the radio volume up and down as speed related background noise increases or decreases.

Works as advertised in PBC. Installation instructions are clear. Support is available should you have a question, though hours are somewhat limited.

Absolutely fabulous for back-road touring with frequent stops! Eliminates fiddling with the volume everytime you come to a stop or slow below 30 for more than an instant. Wish I could put one in my Lexus RX300. I wanted a bit more of a decrease than the standard S-O-S unit provides and the designer was very helpful in identifying the resistors to be replaced. He even gave me the exisitng values and suggested what I might use. Anyone with a 90 thru 96.5 Miata with the standard radio, w/ or w/o the factory CD player should have one of these!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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