Miata Subwoofer

Reviewed by: Morrie Richfield - MSR38@aol.com

Forget drilling holes, forget clearwater designs. Miata owners follwing just to find out how I get the car to sound this good. This is a new unit just released on the market there are only a handful of dealers in the country. First you must have a brace bar behind the seat so if your car doen't have you will need it. This unit is fully carpeted to match the cars interior. It hold 2 8" woofers with a 400 Watt max power rating. It fits in so perfectly you will think it came with the car. Since it cover the factory snaps for the top cover it has its own. The tops goes up and down with no problem and since the box has a hump the car gets a roadster hump look. I cant ever begin to tell you how good this thing sounds. I have Cerwin Vega Separate in the front doors running on a 50 watt per channel amp and 250 watts running into the subwoofer box. My car is a 94 with a Jackson induction system and a genie exhast. It has also been lowered and had its sway bars changed. The subwoofer is not cheap but in all my years of buying stereos for my cars (i also have a 96 Pathfinder) I have never seen a beeter built product. Give Mike a call at Dr. Detail in Bala Cywyd PA tell him Morrie told you about his car and hell fix you up. There is also a shop next store that did all my performance work there good and cheap. any questions write me.

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