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3M Perfect It Fine Cut Compound

[12/26/2004] Reviewed by: Beastie - bparaan@hotmail.com

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This is a product designed to remove scratches and swirl mark. It is not as aggresive as other compounds, its abrasives are somewhat mild. I used this with a Porter Cable polisher and a white polishing pad. I applied 3 one inch lines on the perimeter of the pad. I was able to remove some of my deeper scratches. I still had to follow up with a milder polish to improve gloss. This is a very good polish. I didn't have any sticky residue nor any dusting issues.

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3M Microfiber Detailing Towels

[1/25/2003] Reviewed by: Anonymous

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Microfiber towels used for waxing, cleaning, wiping and drying.

These microfiber towels work wonderfully. They are softer than the Walmart MF towels and are better overall. The 3M towels have a finer texture and are just a little bit thinner. They are wonderful in cleaning glass.

I use just plain water sprayed on glass to wipe the windshield and windows clean. They work very well with Meguire's Quick Detailer and are great in removing wax. Highly recommended.

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3M wax and polish line 

[7/23/2000] Reviewed by Tom Horvath - tomsautobody@earthlink.net

I am associated with a company that sells or manufactures this product.

3M 05996

I've been using this product for the last 5 years, I actually teach seminars to car clubs for free on how to use this product as a complete stand alone for removing sand scratches from color sanding to polishing to a show car finish.

once you have mastered this polish (the seminars takes about 2 hrs) you will find there is no better product no the market today for polishing any kind of paint

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3M Perfect It Swirl Mark Remover

[7/29/2000] Reviewed by Albert Low - Albert_Low@Amway.com

A liquid-based swirl mark remover. Suitable for machine or hand application.

Fantastic. It really works! Easy to use and is ideal for hand-application.Simply dispense a bit onto a dry soft cloth and rub in circular motion (turning over frequently) until it disappears. Get ready lots of towels! It removed all swirls from my 2pak Ferrari Red paintwork. Creates a lustrous and slick surface that's ready for wax. This product makes Johnson's Scratch Out look useless!

My first experience with 3M products and a damn good one! Will be buying their Perfect It hand Glaze soon!

Not an installed item

Reviewed by: Tejash Vishalpura - tejash@cwix.com   [7/25/99]

3M Swirl Mark Remover

I am in Love. I have finally found a product that can take those water spots out of my Black '96. I live in South Florida, and as some of you know it rains here everyday in the afternoon during the summer. This has been killing me because I couldn't keep a clean car for more than a day. The daily dust would build up, and then it would rain. YUK! SPOTS! So I have been trying to use all kinds of pre-wax polishes. I used both Mother's & Meguiar's pre-wax, with no great luck. They both seemed to bond with the paint & get really difficult to remove. I was then thinking of using a Clay bar. But by now I became weary of those companies.

It's weird, I usually have great results with them on other cars. So I went to Pep Boys looking for a Clearcoat Rubbing compound. Where I ran into the 3M line. Well any company that can save my work schedule with Post-it notes, has to make great car products-RIGHT!?! Well I had no other choice.  My 1st experiencet wasn't great, but not bad either. It at least didn't bond with the Paint. My 2nd time I read the directions more closely. Unlike other Polishes, 3M seemed quite serious about doing only small real estate at a time, and then buffing off IMMEDIATELY. Wunderbah! Eureka! I couldn't stop laughing for 5 min. I kissed the bottle. The Post-it guys did it again. And then I finished it of with Eagle One Wet Paste. I couldn't stop looking at my face on the mirror--eh--hood.

Give it a shot, if you have been looking for the right pre-wax polish, and others have failed. Remember to read the directions properly. It works a little differently.

Reviewed by: Michael Mahovich - mike@1alpha.com

3M's Line of Professional Wax's

I have used the 3M wax along with the swirl remover and was not that impressed. I have a montego blue miata and have been using Meguires High Tech Yellow Paste Wax for years. Unlike the Meguires the 3M leaves a lot of white residue when you wipe it off. Also unlike the Meguires if you get any on the black matt plastic or painted parts it will leave white residue. As for the duribility It seems pretty good and the finish is nice.

Reviewed by: Bryan Carper - M1Roadster

3M has a complete line of professional waxes. Available at body and paint shops Advertised as a "wet look" wax. Liquid or paste.

A customer of mine has show car hot rods, one red and one black. I was impressed with the deep gloss on his cars. I have a '93 black and tan,,which is tough to polish well. Easy to apply and buff off. I have an orbital buffer, but prefer to do the black car by hand. Great results. Much deeper shine than High Tech Yellow Wax or Cleaner Wax from Meguiars that I've used for years. Left no haze.

Excellent shine. Liquid wax is a bit pricey at $15 per bottle but worth it.

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