Amco Three Window Top

Reviewed by: Mike Harden -

Three window top from Amco bought from Miata Magazine

The top was pretty simple in design and was relatively easy to install. Having never put on a top before I was extremely fearful of the process. The top turned out to be straightforward in design, matching every part of the original top. Putting the top on was difficult due to leaving the frame on the car. When I replace the top again I am definitly taking the frame off. But, keeping the frame on only made putting the top on harder, but not impossible. I believe that the top looks 100% better than the original, and the side windows make lane changing in traffic a breeze. All in all I would give the top a 9 1/2. I took a half a point off for the fact that they didnt send directions that were worth anything.

Amco Replacement Top

Reviewed by: Anonymous Submission

Amco three window replacement

I think it is a great product. The improved visibility really helps. It fits as good as the original. When you put the top up at the end of the day, the two small windows reshape nicely in the sun or with a blow dryer.

You should encourage more owners to replace their own tops. Even though the instructions that came with it are intentionally vague, anyone that can remember that tab A goes into slot B can figure it out. Other than a 12mm and 10mm socket and screw driver, the only tool you need is a rivet gun. Besides, no upholstery/ top shop in my area would touch an aftermarket top.