Amway L.O.C. (liquid organic cleaner

Reviewed by: Michael Mahovich III -

This is a concentrated cleaning product that can be used to clean everything.

I have been using Amway L.O.C.(liquid organic cleaner) for years and I have not found anything yet that works better. I was reading a usenet post regarding cleaners and I was amazed that no one had heard of this stuff. Now, I am not an Amway rep, nor do I like the company very much, but they have one great product. I have used Simple Green, and even though its pretty good, it doesn't compare. I use this stuff to get grease and tar off my motorcycle rear wheel and I use it to wash my car. This stuff is so gentle it will not take the wax off your finish, yet it will disolve the road grease and grime. I recommend a 1/2 ounce in a bucket of water for washing car. dillute some 50/50 in a spray bottle to get the wheels and under the hood. You will be amazed. The kicker is that it leaves no residue and has no smell. From what I am told this is the first product Amway came out with and sold door to door. They claim it to clean everything and they aren't too far from the truth. I wanted to share this with my friend <review cut off>

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