Armor All

Armor All Protectant Spray

[1/17/2006] Reviewed by: Beastie

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

This is the classic Armor All that most everyone knows about so I won't get into more details. I have a big bottle of AA and decided to see how it stacks up against the newer formulas on different surfaces. I'm sure nearly everyone has some in the house somewhere. You should keep in mind that it is water soluble. That's very important in determining where to use this product.

This product is not bad at all but there are certain applications where it shouldn't be used. For starters, it is very good on tires. Granted, it is gone after the first rainstorm it is driven through. It stays on if it is just parked but comes off if it gets wet enough. The classic application was to spray it on and leave it as is, giving a very wet glossy look. Need to give ample time for AA to dry and cure or it will sling off. My preferred method is to use a foam tire swipe with the AA spritzed onto the swipe. This way, the gloss is much more muted and it doesn't look much too different from 303 or Vinlylex applied the same way. Slinging is prevented especially if you give it 10 minutes to dry. We all have our preferences and I like the semi-glossy look on low profile tires. On my SUV, with its big sidewalls, I try to tone it down some so it looks just black with a slight sheen. Clean your tires when you do a car wash and don't worry about taking off some AA. Let the! tires dry and AA reapplication is easy. Another excellent use for AA is for the black plastic trim in the wheel wells. Why use your expensive stuff on parts that will get dirty? I use tire swipes also for a neater application in the wheel wells. Crappy wheel wells on a detailed car reduces the "nice" factor so give it some AA. For interiors, AA apparently works for a lot of us but I prefer to use 303, Vinylex or Klasse VRLP since they are less shiny when properly applied. It is water soluble. Which means that if used on the convertible top, it will run and make a mess on the paint. Therefore, use something else on top.

Armor All is cheap, common, easy to find, easy to apply. It's good for use on tires and wheel wells and allows you to stretch your supply of the more expensive protectants for use on the top and interior. Highly recommended for the uses mentioned.

Not an installed item

Armor All "Ultra Shine" (used on vinyl top and tires)

[8/6/2001] Reviewed by: Bob Rodriguez -

Applicable to:

Chemical protectant for rubber, plastic, and vinyl. Advertised as "long lasting shine and protectant". Label warning: do not use on clear plastic as it may cause smearing.

Easy to apply, just spray and wipe. Lasts a long time. Feels greasy but it works well.

I originally purchased this to use on my tire sidewalls because I didn't like all the volitile chemicals in the usual tire shine products. I liked the look on the tires so I tried it on my soft top and WOW! The top looks like new, no, better than new! For about $5 you will be amazed at the difference. For maximum affect I layed it on fairly heavy with a rag and did't wipe off the excess. The only downsides are if you touch it your fingers feel slippery and when you put your top down it does leave an easy to remove residue on the outside of the rear glass window. It seems a small price to pay for a top that looks so great and is so well protected. P.S. This stuff woks great on tires too but is probably too shiney for interior surfaces especially the dash.

Not an installed item

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