Brainstorn Rear Window w/DEFROSTER

Reviewed by: Nick Nicholas -

Replacement for Miata Rear window, glass now with defroster. Price list $375 including extra electrical parts left out of my late '93 $400. w.shipping $425.

I had a little trouble getting the Brainstorm folks to ship, they were still working all of the bugs out of the various Mazda defroster elctrical system and the required parts. Once resolved the shipped the next day. They recommended professional installation at an appfoximate cost of $100-$150. Unfortunatly the trim shop that came most highly rcommended had never seen th product and refused to handle the job. Confronted with an addiotional 30 miles each way and loosing the car for a couple days, I deceided to do it myself.

I must say that the project left my hands covered in small cuts and some of the fittings were hard to reach, particularly since I have a Racing Beat 2 hump style bar and the job has to be done with the top up. It took less than 3 hours anyway, counting numerous breaks to search for tools thai I can never find when I need them.

The window fit right in after a couple trys aligning the zipper, installation was considerably faster thav pulling out the old vinyl window. Thee electrical components, a relay and a fuse block popped in and the system worked perfectly.

Fit (physical and electrical) was perfect. Defrosting is a little slow, at least compared to my pathfinder, I guess this makes it about average among normal cars. Would recommend to anyone who has ever had a fogged window.

Overall rating for both product and support A+.