California Car Duster

[11/1/2000] Reviewed by Joe Gensheimer -

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.8 liter

A dust-mop like handheld device for cleaning the outside of a car.

Living in dusty Kansas, this product has saved me untold hours washing my Miata. I use it on both the exterior and interior. I have a black exterior which gets dirty just looking at it--the California Car Duster cleans it right up. I have found no evidence of scratching. It is available at WalMart for under $10. I buy them for friends as presents--both guys and gals say it is the best present they have gotten. Just make sure to let it air out for two days before using it the first time, or you will creat wax streaks on your finish. After that, it seems to be good for years. A real price performer!

Not an installed item

[6/30/2000] Reviewed by Rob Vernon -

Applicable to

Dusting mop for your car's finish

I bought a California Duster for my Fiero when I bought it in '86. Love it. I still have it and use it on my '96 300ZX TT and it's still working great. My wife bought an imitation product from Kragan that was a piece of crap, didn't work at all, just pushed the dust around. Shortly after, we got her a real Cali Duster. DO NOT ACCEPT IMITAIONS, BUY THE REAL THING! If it doesn't say California Duster(tm), don't buy it.

Not an installed item

Reviewed by: David L. Willis -

A plastic handle with a treated wax mop head similar to what you see a janitor use on a floor, but smaller.

The instructions state that you should leave the duster out of the bag for a couple of days on some newspaper in order to let the excess wax "leach" out of the mop head. I did this, and there was noticeable wax residue on the newspaper. We bought a "97 M edition for my wife in late October 1998. This has the dark green, almost BRG paint. Unfortunately, we do not have covered parking at the house, so no amount of washing, etc. will keep the car pristine. It is always dusty (we live on a rather busy street to boot). I have started "dusting" the car every evening before the dew sets in. This seems to keep the car looking much better for days on end, and makes clean-up easier because the evening mist/dew has not bonded with the day's dust to form a complete layer of crud on the car.

I would recommend this product. It ran about $14.00 at Pep Boys and seems to work as represented. Other stores/catalogs sell a similar product, but many of those have a wooden handle that is much heavier than the California Car Duster, whose handle is made of plastic.

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