Covercraft Noah Custom Cover

[8/16/2001] Reviewed by: Lee Williams -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Custom-fit cover made by Covercraft from Noah non-woven material. Elasticized edges at front & back with tie-down grommets. Sold by Performance Buyer's Club without manufacturer's name, drop-shipped from Covercraft.

The cover appears to be very well-made and fits perfectly. I have used it for only two weeks, including one light rainshower, but it has kept the car clean and dry. Depending on the wind, it takes between 30 seconds and two minutes to put on or take off. It's very light, but fills most of the trunk when not in use. Where I live the problems are sun and wind, and the Noah cover was recommended on those counts. Still, it would be impossible to put on in more than a very light breeze, and even a modest breeze makes it impossible to fold. So it is showing wrinkles already. Covercraft has a sense of humor. Included was a length of nylon line with instructions to tie it *under* the car to the eyelets at midpoint on each lower edge of the cover. This would place the nylon line right about under the catalytic converter. Their point seems true, though, that in a high wind the cover should be tied down. But the nylon line is no solution.

This cover had no window for the rear license, and I wanted a place to show a parking sticker without putting it on the car. With the cover on the car, I marked the license plate area and cut a hole which I covered with thin clear vinyl from the fabric store. I stitched the top edge and to save time duct-taped the other three edges. A second inner window with the top left loose provides a pocket for the parking sticker. The duct tape does not like being folded, but otherwise it works well. Next time I would allow the vinyl to overlap the opening at least 2 inches. Mindful of the warning not to let the Noah material touch the hot tailpipe, I used silicone caulking to glue three tin cans nested together (a soup can fits the tailpipe perfectly). The outer can stays cool. And if you forget to remove it before you start the engine, its range is about four feet!

Not an installed item

Covercraft Sun Shade

[8/12/2001] Reviewed by: Ken Johnson -

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Windshield sun shade.

Have had other generic sun shades for my other cars that I bought from the local discount places. Decided the 01 Miata deserved something that fit, functioned and looked better. sells a Covercraft Sun Shade that they custom make to fit your car. A bit pricey at 53.00 delivered, but well worth it. It fits perfect and does a very good job of keeping out the sun. I would highly recommend this shade; it is professionally made and will last the life of the car.

Not an installed item

Covercraft Weatheshield Car Cover

[7/24/2001] Reviewed by: Cam Jensen -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Custom-fit tan cover

I've been living with this cover for about a month and I have no complaints. It was pricey ($170), but is supposedly one of the best new materials you can get and it comes with a four year warranty. It's extremely lightweight, packs very small, and you can wash and dry it in your home machine because it's a woven fabric instead of a synthetic. It's extremely water repellant, if not waterproof. The fit is very snug and the quality appears to be excellent. So far, it's been top notch.

Not an installed item

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