Ding King

[5/9/2004] Reviewed by: LeGreatOne@aol.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

Internet and infomercial advertised product used to remove or improve the appearance of minor dings, dents, and assorted body damage.

I just removed two dents from my driver's door using the inexpensive Ding King kit. One dent had a crease to the left of the driver's side mirror from where a bicycle handlebar had hit it HARD, and it was "pretty ugly"... It's almost invisible now. The other dent was a door ding right in the middle of the door panel, just above the belt line. This seems to have been a favorite spot for parking lot damage, as it had numerous dots where doors had hit it... You really have to LOOK for it to see it now. The repairs aren't perfect, but both damaged areas look much better than before! It takes a while and numerous pulls of the metal to do, but the Ding King actually works. It won't make the car look new, but it will make many dents and dings nearly invisible. I recommend the Ding King - it could work for many Miata owners having minimal body damage.

Not an installed item

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