Dupli Color Flexible Bumper Coating

[1/24/2002] Reviewed by: Matthew Robertson - mwr@charter.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Dupli Color Bumper Coating comes in your standard spray can.A number of colors are available including matte black and white.It makes a tough flexible coating for plastic or metal and because it is flexible it won't crack or peel on flexing surfaces.

on 4 different vehicles.Here are the uses I have found so far. 1.Over time the trim panel below the windshield fades and nothing seems to take away the oxidation (short of sand paper). 2. Rusty windshield wiper arms , especially the small " spoiler" on the driver's side wiper arm. 3. 90-93? miatas have the lower portion of the rocker panel below the doors painted black from the factory. Helps keep it looking like it's never been on the road. 4. Don't like the factory tan lower dash? 5.Found replacement interior pieces on the net? Faded interior pieces such as th center console, scratched door handle buckets,plastic trim,vent rings, etc. 6.Plastic headlight surrounds. 7.Got steel rims? Winter rims?Spray the rims black and get a set of the chrome five spoke wheel covers.From 15 feet the steel rim is then hard to see. 8.Anything under the hood that doesn't get hot.Factory intake cross tube ,etc. 9.Exterior mirrors(on your neglected non miata type vehicle! s) 10.Bumpers.

The finish of this product is a medium matte finish (black) and matches well.It isn't a heavy coating so it will not cover up the molded-in finish of most automotive trims.Usually needs 2 light coats.Very durable!One can was enough to do all the interior trim pieces plus the wiper arms and windshield trim. AutoZone $5 per can. I strongly recomend using one of those plastic pistol-grip sprayer handles with the trigger.It provides much more control so you don't get drips.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

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