Griot's Speed Shine

[7/4/2004] Reviewed by: Craig Newcomb -

Griot's "Quick Detail" product.

Nice results, little streaking, easy to clean up.

For best results, I recommend you use two microfiber towels to apply Speed Shine. Mist product on body panel, gently rub with first towel, use second towel to remove excess and buff out streaks.

Not an installed item

Griot's Wheel Cleaner

[7/4/2004] Reviewed by: Craig Newcomb -

Wheel cleaner, safe for all finishes. Approved by BBS.

Nice results, without any harsh chemicals. Mist tires with Wheel Cleaner, wait a minute, scrub off with a brush. Cleans break dust very well.

Purchased from Griot's Garage for $9.99. Good stuff, I'll buy it again!

Not an installed item

Griots Garage Best of Show Wax

[4/28/2003] Reviewed by: Joe Paul -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Non-Silicone, Carnuba based liquid wax.

Excellent overall results. Griots products are somewhat on the pricey side but they are also very good at what they are designed to do.

Follow the instructions and get excellent results with deep color and lasting proctection for the paint. Typically need to re-wax in about 90 days, if you can wait that long. Depth of color and smoothness of the paint is fabulous. This is not a cleaner was; paint should be clayed before application for best results (smoothest finish). When applied correctly (hand or machine), my buffing towels will litterally slide right off the paint the surface is so smooth. Available only throught Griots Garage via their website ( and mail order catalog. Five wheels out of five.

Not an installed item

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