I.L. Motorports 2001+ "Viper" style front bumper

[2/22/2004] Reviewed by: David Jones - djones@researchdata.com

Applicable to: '99 +

I.L. Motorsports "Viper" style fiberglass front bumper cover for 2001+ Miatas

Extremely pleasing results. The product arrived in excellent condition, with VERY minor prep involved. Very mild seams from the mold had to sanded down, and the brackets for mounting the factory foglights needed mild trimming. The bumper came gelcoated and ready for painting. All of the holes are pre-drilled and it installs almost identical to the OEM bumper (original bolts in "mouth" of OEM bumper aren't applicable because of the new bumper's dimensions)

The bumper had an exceptional fit and finish. No washers or adjustments necessary for the bumper to perfectly line up on front of car. The gap between all of the bodypanels is consistant and identical to OEM gaps. The styled creases on the sides of the bumper line up perfectly with the bottom of the door, so OEM and most aftermarket sideskirts carry the line through the rest of the car. A+++ quality. The bumper makes up for the relatively high price by saving time and money bypassing prep work typically associated with aftermarket bumpers.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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