Langka Touch-Up Paint Remover

[11/4/2001] Reviewed by: Chuck Pearson -

Generally when you use touch-up paint it is hard to get it exactly flat and even with the surface of the old paint. This product makes it easy. Use a toothpick to apply manufacturers touch-up paint to the chip. Allow it to dry overnight. This will leave the typical "blob" of touch-up paint. Wrap a smooth, clean, tightly woven cotton cloth around the supplied "buffing card". SHAKE WELL and apply LANGKA generously to the flat surface. Rub LANGKA over the "blob" for 15-30 seconds allowing LANGKA to quickly penetrate and begin smoothing the "blob" of excess paint. Once the touch-up paint blob begins to wear off, begin rubbing lighter until the excess paint is gone and paint is left inside the chip/scratch. Lightly hand-buff to remove any excess LANGKA with a clean cloth.

I have repaired small chips and scratches with sharp edges with this so that the repair is almost imperceptible. It is much easier and gives better results for an amateur than sanding and buffing. It doesn't work as well with large or shallow chips. is the source.

Not an installed item

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