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Prepainted miata rear lip spoiler.

I had no idea that this was available prepainted until I saw the listing on I purchased it from Roebuck for the same price others list for the unpainted spoiler. It looks great, changing the whole personality of the car.

Be very careful when locating the point for the hole in the trunk lid 18.25" from the top of the trunk at the center line. I measured it 4 times starting from scratch each time to make sure that I had the same spot each time (I didn't, but close enough). It is tough to measure on a curved surface, so be careful. Also, be sure top is clean, and use the alcohol or the adhesive won't work well. I have a few 1mm gaps, but it looks great, especially with my new Enkei wheels.

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The spoiler is of high quality and workmanship. It perfectly matched my mint Red 92A.

Delivery time was impressive. I ordered it on a Friday. It arrived via UPS the next Monday!

Intructions are simple, clear, and concise. Figures provided to help visualize specific instructions. Parts list included in the instructions sheet. Simple tools required.

Installation was straightforward although it took me a few days to actually start on the project. Why? The project requires that you DRILL a hole through your perfectly undamaged trunklid, 18.25" along the centerline of the trunk measured from fore to aft. I figured, if I mess this up, I'd have to fork over some major dough to correct the problem, either through repair or replacement!! Hoping that the kit came with a template, I called Roebuck Mazda about it. Roebuck informed me that only the wing type spoilers come with a template.

Having left with no choice and not having much luck in finding a Miata owner or club member with a non-factory installed spoiler, I decided to simply create my own template from a sheet of brown shipment paper from a local office store. If anyone needs info on this, please email me. It's easy enough to do it but I don't want to clutter the net with too much narratives.

At any rate, once I found the exact location for Point A, everything else was pretty easy. You drill a 1/8" pilot hole prior to the final 5/16" hole. You then mount the spoiler on the lid via a bolt in the middle of the spoiler. A washer/nut is then threaded on the spoiler bolt from the underside of the lid. Compressed in between the lid and the spoiler are 3 rubber washers. Next, you secure both ends of the spoiler to the sides of the lid using Z-clips. Then, you ensure that the both sides of the spoiler are properly aligned and have the same distance to the top of the trunk lid. When happy with the measurements, you pull the backing from the adhesive gaskets across from under the front and rear of the spoiler. You apply pressure on all point of the spoiler to ensure proper contact and adhesion. Finally, you tighten to the point of snugness the Z-clips and the nut to the spoiler bolt under the lid. The instructions strongly advise one not to overtighten the nut because it will cause dimpling on the trunk surface.

Overall, I am very pleased with how things turned out. I was very relieved in fact that the hole I drilled was exactly where it needed to be ... thanks to the home-made template!!! Without it, I probably would have been writing a less than enthusiastic review of the product.

Again, the only recommendation I can make if you are planning to install such a kit is to use a template for locating Point A.

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I have researched several types of spoilers/wings for my '94 Miata. I found that the orginal Mazda spoiler was theonly one that did not hinder the lines of the Miata.

Install. The spoiler is held down by the following:a sticky backed gasket running along the bottom of the spoiler, clamps on the edge of the spoiler, and a screw at the center(need to drill one hole). The only tricky part of the install was finding the hole to drill. One needs to be very prcise in locating that hole 18.25" alond the centerline. I marked the center of the forward part of the trunk and the center of the brake light. Then got a piece of string and measured 18.25" I ended up off by 1/16 which is insignificant.

Result. Wow what a change. The whole personality of the car has changed. No more "cute" but more "very nice." It has been raining in Cal for awhile and there is no sign of leakage or "squeakage."

I am very happy with Roebuck and the results.

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