Liquid glass

[3/5/2004] Reviewed by: Won -

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acrylic Sealant Clear coat safe Incredible shine. The more layers you put on, the BRIGHTER and SHINIER your car becomes

Incredible protectant for your car. It is not a polish so it does not have any abrasive qualities and it is not a wax so it does not melt off the car the first day it is above 80 degrees. It goes on easy and comes off easy. You have to prep your car first by removing all the old wax and silicone junk off of it. A couple of washes with dishwashing detergent should do the trick. Then it is ready to be applied. You glide it on and sipe off once it dires to a haze.

You have to let it sit to cure and leave out in the sun to bake. This sets the acrylic sealant. Once the acrylic sealant is set, you can apply additional coats. The more coats yo0u apply, the stronger the acrylic resin becomes and the shinier the car gets. AFter about three coats, it looks like you have an inch thick layer of clear coat on the car. It is also great for protection from minor chips. I used it for three years on my honda and when I did some work on it I removed the pin stripes. After three years of harsh weather without a garage, you could not tell the difference between the part covered by the pinstripe and the rest of the car. Just make sure you strip all the wax off the car prior to use because the success of your product depends on the bond between the acrylic and the paint

Not an installed item

Liquid Glass

[7/15/2000] Reviewed by Glenn A. Druhot -

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 + 1.8 liter


My experience has been wonderful!

This stuff is much better an wax, it actually seals the surface. I use it on all three of my vehicles and my boat.

Not an installed item

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