Mazda Rear Defroster kit and Power Antenna

Reviewed by: Darrell Dacus -

Mazda rear window defroster kit: switch for dash, relay, fuse box (about $65). Mazda power antenna (about $99).

Since the wiring is already on the car (mine is a '94 pkg A) the installation was a straight forward "plug in and play" procedure. It took about 20 minutes to plug everything in for the defroster and about 20 minutes to change out the antenna. This was going at a pace to where it looks like it came from the factory.

The rear defroster switch has a green emblem that lights up like all the other switches when the lights are turned on. The warning lamp beside the speedometer glows orange when the switched is turned on and everything is hooked up (i.e. the hardtop wiring harness connected). The power antenna at first looked like it would never fit, but considering it came from Mazda it had to...and did. The reception is the same as the mast style. One thing I'm impressed with is that it's really quiet going up or down. This is another two thumbs up way to improve/upgrade your Miata without permanently altering it!

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