Mazda Side Sills

Reviewed by: David Evans -

Side sills (skirts) that run along the side of the car, under the doors. Part if the OEM "kit" that Mazda offers for the '99 Miata, and the only piece of the kit missing from the Sports Package.

Easy to install, looks great.

I have no clue why Mazda didn't include this with the Sports Package. They look great, and really round of the lines of the car that were enhanced by the front air damn and rear spoiler. They hide the ugly looks of the frame rails at the bottom of the car, and keep the door from looking like it slopes so far in. A snap to install, you just use the self-tapping screws provided to screw it in. However, there is some gluing involved to get them flush to the body, so I don't think you could take them off without leaving marks on the paint.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

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