Mazda Tonneau Cover MX5 2002 LS

[7/18/2005] Reviewed by: Steven Petterson -

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

This is the OEM in parchment/tan by Mazda and one fantastic and well made tonneau cover that fits perfectly.

I found this product to be very well made and the instructions very easy to follow as the total installation time was 15 minutes. I live in Florida the top is constantly down and a tonneu cover makes sense as a quick cover up to protect against rain showers and also keeps the sun from the interior and the seats cooler. The model I purchased has pockets for the headrests and I prefer this look; the passenger side is two toned, the area over the dash is black to match the interior and since this side is normally in place I think that this small detail is typical of the thought that goes in to every aspect of the design of this roadster.

One of the small details that I noticed is that the lift-the-dot (LTD) fastners are black not chrome as some other providers of tonneau covers supply- again a small detail but a well thought out one. The embossed Miata and Mazda logos also add just a bit of class. The Miata is a fantastic automobile and in my opinion it is worth the extra money to purchase the factory tonneau.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Mazda Factory Tonneau Cover

Reviewed by: Stuart Jones -

Black (in my case anyway) tonneau cover that is apparently made of the same material as the outer shell of the soft top. No headrest pockets, slight pocket for steering wheel. 'Miata' logo embossed into cover over the rear shelf. Got mine this winter for my m1; don't know if this is the same part as for the m2 models.

I've wanted a tonneau since I got my car and am glad that I've finally gotten one; to me, it is an essential facet of the whole roadster experience. Installing the hardware for the car was an almost trivial task, and only took about 10 minutes. The mirror mounts might be new- they look nothing like the mounts I've seen for other cars with tonneaus that are older (the cover, not the car) than mine. These consist only of a neoprene(?)-backed piece of foamrubber that goes under the mirror. It isn't more than 1/8" thick, completely unobtrusive, and totally unlike the thicker units I've seen elsewhere. The only part of the mount that is visible is the actual snap for the cover. The ease with which the tonneau can be put on seems to be inversely proportional to the temperature of the cover, making it a bear to put on in temperatures below 50. I've found that it is /much/ easier to put the tonneau on the car working from the front rearward, as the snap-rail in the rear is easier to coax into position than the tennax posts in the front.

I'm extremely happy with the looks of the cover on the car. I bought the factory model because it doesn't have the headrest pockets. I recognize that some people may place a higher value on the ease of 'installation' of the tonneau, but they just look awkward to me. Driving around with only one side unzipped is a wonderful feeling; windblast is reduced, heater works more efficiently, and with half of the cover still on and at shoulder level, the driving position feels even lower than normal. If other drivers were doing double-takes seeing you drive top-down on the colder days, you'll probably find them doing triple-takes with the tonneau on; it looks /that/ cool. If you are the type of owner who loves the small quirks and inconveniences of owning a roadster, I /highly/ recommend getting the factory tonneau.

Reviewed by: Gerald Dillon -

This is a vinyl tonneau cover used to protect/cover the interior of the car while the top is down.

I was somewhat disappointed. The installation instructions were incomplete or outdated. The appearance does not add to the asthetic appeal of the car and the construction seems less than standard Mazda quality.

The installation instructions did not seem to cover breakaway mirrors. The mounting plates which had to be installed under the outside rear-view mirrors were not designed to accomodate power mirrors. This led to major modifications on my behalf, increasing the installation time, and trouble, significantly. The lip which holds the rear of the cover onto the car is of a lower quality than the plastic used on the factory boot. This cover does not have seat pockets, which I believe gives it a more sporty look, but it still somewhat distracts from the car's appearance. Due to installation problems, I would recommend purchasing an after-market tonneau cover.

Under 5 minutes to remove

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