McCabe Zipper Rescue Kit

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[3/23/2002] Reviewed by: Bill Sommerness -

Zipper replacement sliders

Received by priority mail. Followed instructions in kit, along with instructions previously posted by David Bowman and Mark Diels. I was expecting a lot of problems, but the whole replacement took about ten minutes. It was great! The window zips better than it ever has!

When you order, make sure you tell them it is for a Mazda Miata;l the kit includes a number of sliders, stops and "stuff". .but, McCabe had taken the time to actually label the right slider to use! Wow, talk about service! As a practice, I fixed a jacket with a busted slider before taking on the window, and that was just as easy. So, instead of a non-functioning window, or a $300 plus replacement, I am back in business. Since both the earlier posts were almost 4 years ago, I thought it might be good to update and say it is still good information and that McCabe is still in business and is a very responsive company. Aloha, Bill

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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