Meguiars Clean, Shine and Protect spray

Reviewed by: Matt Purdy -

A vinyl, trim, and tire protectant and cleaner. Spray on, wipe off. Use on dash, console, door panels, tires, etc...

Recieved as Christmas gift in a Meguiars Gift set. Decided to test it out today, as I was finally home with nothing to do. Detailed interior (Black) of my '92 Miata using cotton swabs, rags, and this stuff.

Very nice product! I wish I had a price on a single bottle, but I don't the gift set is came in included wax, car wash, quick detailer, and tire gel. Saw the set on sale the other day at Wal-Mart for 15 bucks! Given the quality of Meguiars' products, I considered this a steal! May go back and go ahead and buy one, just because. I am a fanatic about my car's interior, and will definitely be using this stuff more often in the future!

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