Metro Motorsport Runabout Side view mirrors

[5/8/2002] Reviewed by: Tina Csomo -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Chrome side-view mirrors

Very well-made, heavy mirrors. "Runabout" script embossed on the top, and tinted glass. Simply un-bolt the stock mirrors, attach the new black gasket and mirror, and tighten the new bolts down. Ditch the allen wrench provided. The bend in it's neck comes too close to the mirror housing while turning,and might scratch it. Find a straight allen wrench instead. Having a second pair of hands to hold the mirror helps. One thing nice about these mirrors is that they fit the stock mirror opening perfectly. They also give your car a real retro look. The rear view isn't as panoramic as the stock mirrors, but is still sufficient. Although not cheap, they were much less expensive than the Talbot originals I wanted, and require no modifications for fitment, and, I daresay, made every bit as well.

Beautiful! Very easy installation. Save your pennies!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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