Microfiber towels (various)

[2/23/2004] Reviewed by: Ben Paraan - bparaan@hotmail.com

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Microfiber towels are the latest and greatest tools for detailing the car. They are made of tiny synthetic fibers many times finer than silk and human hair which make them very soft but very durable at the same time. They come in various weaves and sizes. Some are fairly specialized in the applications they are meant for. They are widely available at auto supply stores and the Walmarts and Costcos of the world.

I use microfiber applicators, towels and wash pads to detail my car. The most common ones have a terry cloth weave. I get these when using quick detail sprays, washing, cleaning windows and removing waxes/polishes. Waffle weave towels are specially made for drying. They have the ability to soak up water many times their weight. These towels have a wonderful ability to remove dirt, chemicals, waxes and water without scratching the paint. I can get a streak-free window but just using a little water and a microfiber towel.

Wash these towels separately from non-microfiber cloths because they will pick up lint in the wash water. Never ever use a fabric softener with these. For more details, you can go to: http://www.bettercarcare.com/articles.php?articleId=44

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