MM Marketing Miata Bra

[10/19/99] Reviewed by: Gerald B. Lasitter -

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Two piece nose bra for the 1999+ Miata. After market version of the OEM version but without the MIATA script logo.

Very disappointing! First bra was cut too small and no amount of pulling and stretching would make it fit. The replacement bra was somewhat easier to install but the fit is bad with mis-matched openings around the headlights and corner reflectors. Additional homemade brackets had to be made to go under the hood to take up slack created by the manufacturer's loose fit. Top section "flaps" against the top of the hood at about 80mph which I believe will be harmful to the paint if allowed to continue.

The bra would look GREAT if the fit was good. I wanted the tan bra for my Brilliant Black with tan leather interior for the looks. I should have settled for the better fitting MIATA OEM Black Bra...after all, the bra is for protection more than appearance. Not highly recommended.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Terry Welty -

Tan front nose bra- Looks great as it matches the tan color of top, seats and other trim.

Looks great BUT... the straps and hooks really seemed cheap and did not fit well. The bra wore the paint on the nose of my Miata in straight line across the front after just a short time.

Once again I think it looks much better than the normal black versions but it seems a shame that a product designed to protect the nose would damage the paint.

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