MM Marketing Rear Replacement Window

Reviewed by: Bryan Eckert -

Rear window curtain replacement, plastic window and zipper

Well I finally had my rear window installed after the original one cracked in the Blizzard. I had ordered the window from MM Marketing, with the intention of having it installed when the cold let up. Well I had the window installed today. The fit and finish is excellent (thanks to the excellent upholsterer I went to) There is however one problem with the window... the zipper that is included is the WRONG size. Apparently only Mazda includes the #7 zipper which makes installation much easier. Most upholstery shops (all but one) wanted to charge me for taking the top off the car to sew in the new zipper. Finally I found one (The Cover Uph, in Columbia, MD) that didn't want to rip me off. He took the OEM zipper and unsewed it from the cracked window and sewed it to the replacement panel.. and saved me nearly $200!

Overall the fit and finish of the window is excellent. The window seems to be clearer and optically better than the mazda window, and the cost is cheaper. However, as mentioned before, the wrong zipper size is not included. I didnt contact MM to see if the could send a matching zipper. A word to the wise.. call the upholstery shop before you order your window to make sure a $150 job doesn't end up costing $300!