Moss Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors

[3/2/2005] Reviewed by: Steve Spera -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

MOSS Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors

I purchased these mirrors thinking that they would be a nice replacement for my '91's aging side mirrors and to add a touch of style... I was very very disappointed. I thought it was odd when the package arrived... yes light (carbon fiber), but very small.. On looking at the mirrors.. it thought it was a joke... these mirrors are so small... applicable only to possibly motorcycles. The passenger-side fitting holes didn't align-up at all, there were no gasket between the cheaply plated base (the ad said "polished aluminum" - not) and the body, and the locking screw couldn't be tightened to keep the mirror secure - I reckoned the mirrors would fall off while driving... junk! The fasteners and hardware are poorly made, and like others, I could not adjust the mirrors to even see out. The scale of the mirrors is too small for even the Miata...

Wow.. I've bought many things from MOSS, but these "Mirrors" are complete junk... $170 worth of junk... I returned them the very next day... With the return postage; this was an $18 mistake. Sorry, but save your money on these... I’ll save my money for the Talbot design AC mirrors…

Under 5 minutes to remove

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