Moss Top Security Cover

[1/3/2004] Reviewed by: Seth

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Breathable, water resistant cover for the top and windshield for use with the top in the UP position. It is secured with velcro straps to the windshield wipers, mirrors and door handles. It is very well stitched and the material is top quality car cover material.

I have a full car coover but I do not use it if my car is dirty so as to keep the paint from scratches. I am pleased with this product. It secures pretty snug to the top. I use it when it rains to keep any stray drips from finding their way to my seats, and when it snows to keep my top from damage. It makes snow cleanup so much easier too. I plan on using it in the summer to protect my top and interior from UV damage and to keep my black interior from heating up to unbearable levels. I am pleased with the product and for $50 I can't complain about the price. The only thing I do not like is the rear straps that are supposed to be dropped into the trunk and then the trunk closing will hold the straps securely. I prefer to tuck them under the cover and not use them but I have no real evidence for my worries.

Moss Motors gave great service. I ordered on Tuesday and received it on Wednesday, much to my surprise! I recommend this product and this vendor.

Not an installed item

Moss Motors Security Cover

[5/23/2003] Reviewed by: Jonathan Tang -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

Moss Motors ( sells two versions of this cover. The Security Cover, and the slightly lesser priced Cockpit Cover. Both products simply cover the top half of the car, the windows, and the soft top, be it up or down. The Security cover attaches to the Miata with velcro straps that latch to the windshield wipers, around the side mirrors, around the door handles, and two straps that must be slid through the the rear crack between the trunk and hardtop latch area. The Security version is not much different, other than it seems to be made of a superior material that is more weather and UV resistant (no mention is made of the material of the cockpit cover). The Cockpit cover attaches by the windshield wipers, side mirrors, and then longer straps which hook around the bottom of the car, and hook to the inner rear wheel well for the rear.

Purchased for a 1999 Miata, but fits all years. I purchased the Security version, simply for the UV protection mentioned. This does not mean the Cockpit cover doesn't do the same, but the product description does not specifically state this. I found using this a little unwieldy for the following reasons: It's a pain to slip the velcro attachments around the door handles, and to continually open the trunk to slide the rear attachments through. My intent was not to use this for any security, but to simply help keep the soft top protected when out in the sun at work and at home. I've decided to use this by only attaching it to the side mirrors tightly, since it's not windy in my area. Secondly, I think continually sliding velcro straps through areas of the car might damage the paint from extensive use, though this may not be true, I prefer not to risk it. If it had attachments similar to the less expensive Cockpit cover, it would probably attach without a hitch.

If I had to do it again, I might consider the Cockpit version instead for ease of installation, as ease of use would probably promote more use. However, for the small price, I consider it a good deal if you don't expect too much out of it, other than to save your soft top. If I can prolong the life of the soft top then it's worth the price paid (see prices for new tops).

Not an installed item

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