Moss Motors Tonneau Cover (tan)

[9/15/99] Reviewed by: Dave Nicholson -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Moss Motors Tonneau Cover (Tan) for 1996 M-Edition

To remove the powered mirrors, rotate them one way and remove the screw that is exposed, then rotate the other way for the other screw.

The four plastic plugs on the dash are a little inconvenient to reach, but if the head breaks off, the body can be pushed on down into the dash and they will fall out the bottom into the foot-well. I used a 9mm socket to hold the threaded studs vertical while getting them started, then the box-end wrench to “snug” them down.

The front Lift-the-Dots are a stretch to make, and it is VERY important to lift the “dot” to release them, otherwise you risk braking the plastic on the dash when the posts rip out from to much twisting with your fingers. (I am not sure the security of the “dot” feature is really necessary for this application.) To release them, I gently wrap my index finger around the front of the post from underneath the cover and “pop” it loose by prying slightly with the whole finger, lifting only on the front edge under the “dot”.

All the parts were included and the one page instructions, while brief, were complete and all that was needed. It sure is a pity the studs are not available in black. The shinny study look out of place on an otherwise black dash.

The construction is very rugged, both in the material as well as the zippers. I put a little beeswax Zipper Lubricant on each side of each zipper to make them slide a little easier and still not attract dirt like most liquid lubricants.

The seat pocket on the passenger side lines up with where I keep the top of the seat with no adjustments, but I do have to tip the driver’s side forward a couple of clicks because I drive with it all the way back, being 6’2”.

The whole installation process took less than 30 minutes including finding the necessary tools and putting them away. It looks sharp and works just like I thought it would. I particularly like the seat pockets.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Anonymous

Moss Motors Tonneau Cover (tan) for 1996 M-Edition

Installation instructions are included, and useful. Partial removal of both outside rearview mirrors is required to fit additional pads featuring a tonneau snap; a large Phillips screwdriver is required for this. Four plastic plugs on the top of the dashboard are removed, first by levering them out with a small, flat-bladed screwdriver, then pulling them out with a pair of pliers - we advise that you stuff a sloth rag in the dashboard defrost vent holes when working in this area, to prevent anything from falling down in there ;-) A 9mm or 3/8" wrench is used to snug down - not "tighten" - these four male fasteners.

This tonneau is heavy vinyl-like material with a close enough tan colour match. Zippers are heavy (sewn-in) and were helped with a bit of beeswax. The Moss tonneau cover features "pockets" that fit over the Miata seats' headrests - it is not difficult to line up the seats when putting the tonneau on.

Though it can be folded away behind the seats (while still attached to the rear channel), it is tedious to fold neatly - and it does take up all that shelf space (as any tonneau would). Note that the tonneau, though "covering" the interior, does not completely "seal" it from heavy weather.

The front snaps are a stretch, especially when new, but the only tedious thing about tonneaus is fitting the rear channel pieces (just like the OEM boot cover).

With the passenger side covered, there is little, if any wild flapping at speed. With the heater on, there is no reason to raise the top during cold weather now.

Under 5 minutes to remove

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